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January 7, 2017



Vegamaro is the catchy contraction of Vegan Negramaro, which is a red wine grape variety native to Apulia (Southern Italy) and particularly grown in Salento region.

Produced by Feudi di Guagnano and presented last year for the first time at the biggest wine fairs in the world, ProWein and Vinitaly, Vegamaro is the first Vegan Negramaro.

Yes, I know, the question is there: a vegan wine? Apparently, all wines are vegan. We all know wine is made from grapes. Essentially wine is fermented grape juice so yeasts, either natural or cultured, convert the grape juice sugars into alcohol. So far this all seems to be vegan-friendly. But that’s not true.

The reason is that during the fining process few agents are used to clarify the wine and make it clear and bright. And the most commonly used fining agents are casein (a milk protein), albumin (egg whites), gelatin (animal protein) and isinglass (fish bladder protein). This fining agents are used in the fining process and are not additives to the wine, but tiny traces of them may be absorbed into the wine during the process.


Feudi di Guagnano winery had the brillant idea to address its wine to vegan customers as well and decided to pay particular attention to this stage of the wine making process creating Vegamaro, which is certified as a Vegan Wine as no animal products are involved in its making process.

Moreover even the packaging, from the label to the bottle, from the cap to the box, has been conceived with a sustainable attitude: single horizontal label, a Bordeaux bottle that weighs only 350 grams and a carbon-free cap, fully recyclable and made from renewable plant-based biopolymers from sugar cane extracts.

VEGAMAROAnd it’s not just for vegans, of course it’s addressed to traditional consumers as well, as smell and taste characteristics are the same as a normal wine. What is different instead is the way of making it. Cruelty-free.

Vegamaro is already available worldwide, but if you’re planning a trip to Salento, Southern Italy land of great wines, fine cuisine, breathtaking landscapes and clear waters, don’t miss a visit to Feudi di Guagnano winery. You will have the chance to take part to wine tastings and vineyards visit and you’ll be surely welcomed with southern hospitality and passion for their territory.



Note: You can check on Barnivore for more Vegan beers, wines and liquors.


❤️ Go vegan for animals, nature and yourself! Spread love and compassion and feel free to share this post! ❤️


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