March 28, 2019



Check out our selection of the best brand new vegan books of 2019!

This brilliant cookbook reveals the secrets to cooking dinners that you crave― the kind that comfort, nourish and inspire you, without a ton of work.

With every recipe clocking in under 30 minutes (prep included!), anyone can enjoy incredible plant-based meals every night of the week.

You can get it HERE.

Vegan Meal Prep

InVegan Meal Prep: A 5-Week Plan with 125 Ready-to-Go Recipes“, Robin Asbell shares this solution in the form of 125 inventive and inspired recipes for breakfast, lunch, mains, snacks and desserts using vegan ingredients.

Armed with five 5-day meal plans, you’ll be happy to avoid sad takeout while saving time and money.

You can get it HERE.

Pad thai without fish sauce? Curry without ghee?

In East Meets Vegan – The Best of Asian Home Cooking, Plant-Based and Delicious Sasha proves that Asian cooking can be plant-based as well as easy, affordable, and delicious!

You can get it HERE.

Vegan Goes to College. Cooking space, prep time, ingredient stocking, cost… it can be hard being a vegan in college.

The College Vegan Cookbook makes it easy for you to ace your diet―even in the dorms―with simple, healthy, and fresh vegan dishes.

You can get it HERE.

80 vibrant, colorful recipes to mix and match. Christine Wong, creator of, has made it her mission to help others discover how delicious mindful eating can be.

In The Plantiful Plate, she shows how easy it is to prepare hearty, satisfying vegan (and gluten-free) dishes bursting with color and flavor.

You can get it HERE.

Olivia Biermann, creator of the Liv B blog and YouTube channel, isn’t your typical vegan cooking star. The meals she loves the most are those that are simple to make and taste absolutely delicious, despite putting in minimal effort.

Liv B’s Vegan on a Budget is filled with 112 simple recipes from breakfast to dessert that share Olivia’s passion for inspired and effortless vegan food

You can get it HERE.

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