March 29, 2016



Orange Fiber project has been developed by two resolute young women, Adriana Santonocito and Enrica Arena, willing to transform a waste of their beloved land, Sicily (Italy), in something new, useful and sustainable.

Citrus waste is currently valuing 700.000 tons just in Italy. The amazing idea to trasform it in a sustainable and vitamin-enriched textile would represent a brand new opportunity for italian tradition in high quality textiles and fashion.

The fabric is a waste outcome so clearly sustainable and being full of vitamin it has cosmetic properties.

By transforming orange peel into cellulose fibres, Orange Fiber’s designers have developed an innovative fabric, enriched with surprising properties: the vitamin C in the fibres is deposited on the skin through the fabric.

card-scartiengFew years ago, Adriana thought to create a fabric from the tons of by-product of the citrus processing industry, and involved Enrica on the project: to change the fashion business face by closing the production circle of their own land, Sicily.

Orange Fiber is the first fabric produced from citrus in the world and already get worldwide rewards and won prizes like the Global Change Award and Ideas 4 Change promoted by The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe.

It’s a a new fashion fabric where before was “just” an orange!

Photo Credit: Orange Fiber

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