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A pinch of nostalgy about your old dear memories diary? It could be a new good habits to start writing again daily on a gratitude journal.

But why start writing a gratitude journal or a simple diary of memories? Writing a gratiude journal it is basically trying to take a few minutes each evening for a brief analysis of the day’s events to identify what are the gifts that the last twenty-four hours offered us. In a gratitude journal we can add any kind of experience or memory that at the moment we consider positive or negative.

Maybe in the future, re-reading the same pages, we might notice that an apparently negative event has turned into one of our greatest luck.

The gratitude journal is a good opportunity to learn to thank ourselves and the people who, perhaps even without realizing it, day by day  help us with their words, their presence, their gestures and their actions.

Writing a journal can have many benefits. When we write a few pages before going to sleep, we have the opportunity to put on paper our joys and our concerns. We can express them freely, even in those moments when we are alone and we have no one beside us who can heed to our outbursts or stories.

GRATITUDE JOURNALThen write a journal can become a little self-help and self-healing therapy at no cost that, for example, can allow us to rest better at night and to find more quickly a solution to the problems that nag us.

A gratitude journal can follow very different styles according to the author.

In short, to express our own gratitude on paper there is no single mode. For example, some might prefer compiling short lists about what they feel grateful for, while others may want to express their gratitude in a more elaborate way, perhaps realizing drawings or illustrations, or by writing the classic page diary.

We’ll give you some tips that will help us to start writing your gratitude journal and not to abandon it after a while.

  1.  Look for a reason: a gratitude journal, for example, could help us in the pursuit of happiness, in the analysis of our life or in the clarification of certain complex situations, or it might be useful to give more value to yourself or to others.
  2. Experience in-depth analysis: whether to compile a simple list of situations to be grateful for may seem trivial or of little value, try to choose a single aspect to be explored for each day and try to find the goal towards which your thoughts take you.
  3. A brief moment of reflection: do we think in our life there are many positive things happening, but we don’t feel happy enough yet? Think about how we were living if all that we are grateful for at this time would not be present in our life.
  4. Observe the emotions: a gratitude journal could become a good opportunity to observe, recognize, accept and process our own emotions at the end of a long day. Writing emotions down on paper will help us to make peace with ourselves.
  5. Take the time: not everyone has time to write a diary every day. Here then we could opt for writing on a regular basis: write our gratitude journal two or three nights a week, making sure not to skip more than seven days in between when we are very busy, or however, we will lose the habit.

Finally thanks to our gratitude journal we might learn step by step to appreciate more the positive aspects of our life and to re-evaluate everything with a smile, even what once seemed like an insurmountable obstacle. And, why not, we may even rediscover the passion for writing that because of the lack of time we had set aside.


“If you have an attitude of gratitude, it can change your life in great magnitude”

Dev Samudre



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This gratitude journal is filled with inspirational quotes and lined pages for you to write your thoughts of gratitude. Gratitude is appreciation for every moment in your life–a feeling of abundance. It is saying thank you to the Universe for what you have right now. Making a daily ritual of recording things you are grateful for will slowly transform your life. There is a section in this journal to keep a monthly log of transformations in your life. When you review past entries from your daily gratitude journal and this monthly transformations log, you will see a pattern to your life’s journey.



Keep a daily record of life’s little blessings with this keepsake gratitude journal filled with a year’s worth of insightful prompts, inspiring quotes, and ample room for reflecting on all the things that make life great.


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