March 29, 2016



Few day ago Barcelona declared itself “veg-friendly, friend of vegan and vegetarian culture” after one of the city’s left-wing parties brought the proposal to City Hall.

The initiative picks up on an earlier BCN Veg Friendly campaign by the non-profit Libera group and the Franz Weber foundation.

Spain is renowned for its meat and vegetarians often find it a challenge to find meat-free dishes across the jamón-loving country, but things could now change if one of its main cities opens to veg people.


The project plans to create a BCN-VEG point that will support vegan and vegetarian commerce and publish a list of affiliated stores and restaurants.

But the city is not only directing the conversation to tourists. Along with the visitor’s guide, the city will be encouraging residents, in general, to embrace a meat-free diet, as well as promoting the global Meat Free Mondays campaign.

People are encouraged to try one meatless day a week to help slow climate change and improve their health.

The title “veg-friendly” will include several concrete steps to help vegetarian and vegan visitors to Barcelona, producing a guide with veg-friendly businesses as well as encouraging residents to embrace a meat-free diet – at least one day a week.

In 2011, Barcelona held its last bullfight and was a catalyst for other regions in Spain to ban cruel entertainment practices such as bullfights and circuses.

These are certainly the signs that times are changing!

Ready to book your next flight? 😉

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