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I’m Irene ūüôā¬†Everyday, I do my best to live consciously, compassionately and happily.

I choose to respect animals.

Vegetarian since 1996 and then vegan, my lifestyle is cruelty-free and respectful for all living being.

I truly enjoy life, I love traveling, eating and cooking healthy and I try to do my best day by day to really enjoy and live every moments of my life.

And the same I wish to every living being!

Here in VegAround you will find green news and in-depth articles about vegan world, green matters and animal rights concerns; but even articles concerning health, vegan food, sustainable and vegan fashion, ecologist causes, vegan travel and cruelty-free lifestyle.


Stop to animal suffering!

I believe that being vegan starts from a new consciusness, a new awareness: I want to do my best to avoid any suffering.

And once you know that eating meat, fish, diary products, as well as wearing leather, fur, suede you are hurting animals and you realize how much suffering there is behind that, you can’t nomore continue eating or wearing these products.

I simply but strongly believe¬†that animals don’t have to suffer for our “pleasure” or convenience.

That’s why I call it a new awareness.¬†I think this is a form of evolution¬†(I like to call it r-evolution) and I wish this is where world is going.


No sacrifice for my fashion style, either.

My lifestyle is cruelty-free, but I don’t want to sacrifice my fashion style either! ūüėČ

Shopping vegan is not always easy, but I want to make it accessible for everyone. And this is possible!

In VegAround you will find suggestions about selected, cruelty-free, trendy and cool apparel for men and women, vegan bags, vegan shoes and boots, vegan and cruelty-free make up and personal care products , all 100% vegan.

I do the research, while you can relax and do the shopping. 

Our “Vegan Online Shopping” Facebook Group:

You can also join our¬†“VEGAN ONLINE SHOPPING”¬†Facebook group:


In this group you will find the best vegan deals and our suggestions about selected, cruelty-free, trendy and cool apparel, vegan bags, vegan shoes and boots, vegan beauty and personal care products…and lots more!

Feel free to JOIN US and to add your friends..spread the love!


Can’t find something?

Are you searching for something special and you can’t find it on our website?

Fill out OUR FORM¬†and tell us what you’re looking for.¬†We’ll do our best to find it for you!


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Be kind, go vegan! 

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